Posted May 19, 2017
HOPE T-Shirt Day Dress Guidelines
If you did not buy the 2017 HOPE T-Shirt you are expected to be in uniform.


  • Casual slacks, jeans, or skirts of appropriate, modest fit may be worn. Skirts if worn must not be higher than two inches above the knee. Shorts if worn may not be higher than two inches above the knee. All Shirts must be the 2017 HOPE T-Shirt Athletic shoes, sandals, boots, and clogs are acceptable.
  • Pajamas, lounge pants, sweatpants, yoga pants, athletic pants, or athletic shorts or leggings may NOT be worn. Flip-flops or Athletic Slides may NOT be worn.
  • Any student not following these guidelines will be considered out of uniform and sent to the office to change into a school uniform. Students will also lose their next dress down opportunity.
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