Posted August 7, 2015
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Dear parents:
     It is that time again. It's hard to believe, isn't it? I have to admit that I feel the back to school excitement when August hits. I would love to bottle the energy and capture the bright-eyed optimism that overtakes the building during registration. Teachers are excited to try out the new plans and projects they created over the summer, and students are determined that this year will be the best yet. Read more...
Posted June 9, 2015
Attention rising 6th graders and new middle school students!

GRAMMAR AND MATH FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS In middle school English classes, we strive to build on the strong grammar foundation many of our students received through the Shurley English program and apply that knowledge to student writing and literary analysis. Since some of our incoming students are not as familiar with this approach to grammar and composition, Mrs. Hayes has compiled a grammar packet, a basic review of terms and concepts she will teach in the first weeks of school. A review of this information by all students, but particularly by students who did not study Shurley English in grade school, will help ensure an easier entry into middle school English classes in the upcoming school year.

Click to download "Notes on Basic Parts of Speech"
Click to download "Notecards for Basic Grammar Review"

There is not a summer math assignment for incoming 6th graders, but there are certain skills that your child needs to practice during the summer to remain proficient or improve their proficiency. The baselines are mental math skills that should immediately boost your child's confidence.

Click to download "Summer Math: Preparing for 6th Grade"

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Posted September 14, 2014
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