Volleyball - High School - Printable view
Date Opponent Where Time NotesResults
2019-08-24Parkersburg SouthHome10:00 A.M.Scrimmage
2019-08-27Herbert HooverAway5:30 P.M.Scrimmage
2019-09-10Parkersburg CatholicAway6:00 P.M. 
2019-09-12Greater BeckleyAway6:00 P.M. 
2019-09-14Red Devil InvitationalAway8:00 A.M. 
2019-09-17RipleyHome6:00 P.M.Tri Match
2019-09-17RavenswoodHome7:00 P.M.Tri Match
2019-09-18George WashingtonHome5:30 P.M.Tri Match Jv only with Huntington
2019-09-19Greenbrier WestAway5:30 P.M.Tri Match
2019-09-19Greater BeckleyAway6:30 P.M.Tri Match
2019-09-21Parkersburg InvitationalAway8:00 A.M.JV Only tournament Parkersburg
2019-09-23Oak HillHome5:30 P.M.Tri Match
2019-09-23Clay CountyHome7:30 P.M.Tri Match
2019-09-26CapitalHome6:00 P.M.JV Only
2019-09-26Civic Center ShowcaseAway6:00 P.M.Vs Clay, Vs Hurricane
2019-10-03CapitalAway6:00 P.M.Tri Match @ capital
2019-10-03HurricaneAway6:00 P.M.Tri Match @ capital
2019-10-05Irish Invitational Home8:00 A.M. 
2019-10-08RavenswoodAway6:00 P.M.Quad match @ Ravenswood
2019-10-08Calhoun Co.Away6:00 P.M.Quad match @ Ravenswood
2019-10-08Roane CountyAway6:00 P.M.Quad match @ Ravenswood
2019-10-10SissonvilleAway6:00 P.M.Tri Match @ Sissonville
2019-10-12Webster Co.Home1:00 P.M.Jv and Varsity follows
2019-10-17RipleyAway6:30 P.M.Tri Match @ Ripley
2019-10-18HuntingtonAway8:00 P.M.JV Tournament
2019-10-19Parkersburg SouthAway8:00 A.M.P-South Tournament
2019-10-21Roane CountyHome6:00 P.M.Quad Match
2019-10-21SissonvilleHome6:00 P.M.Quad match
2019-10-21Greater BeckleyHome6:00 P.M.Quad match
2019-10-22Herbert HooverHome6:00 P.M. 
2019-10-23South CharlestonAway5:30 P.M.Jv and Varsity follows
2019-10-24Greenbrier WestHome5:30 P.M.Quad Match
2019-10-24RichwoodHome6:30 P.M.Quad match
2019-10-24Robert C ByrdHome8:30 P.M.Quad match
2019-10-30TolsiaHome5:00 P.M.Senior Night ( JV First)
Volleyball - Middle School - Printable view
Date Opponent Where Time NotesResults
2019-09-11Hayes MSHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-09-16SissonvilleAway4:30 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-09-18DunbarHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-09-23Stonewall Jackson MSHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-09-25McKinley MSAway4:30 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-09-30John AdamsHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 Pm
2019-10-02Elkview MSHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-10-07Andrew Jackson MSAway4:30 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-10-09East Bank MSHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-10-14Horace Mann MSHome6:00 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-10-16DupontAway4:30 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-10-21South Charleston MSAway4:30 P.M.JV 7 pm
2019-10-23Cedar Grove MSAway4:30 P.M.