Golf - High School - Printable view
Date Opponent Where Time NotesResults
2019-08-07CapitalHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend W - defeated Capital and Sherman
2019-08-07ShermanHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend W
2019-08-09Capital City ClassicAway8:00 A.M.@ Edgewood CCFinished 17th of 25. Finished second Class A school.
2019-08-12Parkersburg InvitationalAway4:00 P.M.@ Parkersburg Country Club Finished 16 out of 28 teams and 2nd vs single A teams.
2019-08-13SissonvilleHome4:00 P.M.@ Little Creek W
2019-08-13RiversideHome4:00 P.M.@ Little Creek W
2019-08-20George WashingtonHome4:00 P.M.@ Edgewood CCL
2019-08-20Herbert HooverHome4:00 P.M.@ Edgewood CCW
2019-08-22LoganHome4:00 P.M.@ CoonskinDNP
2019-08-22RiversideHome4:00 P.M.@ CoonskinDNP
2019-08-26RiversideHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend W - Also defeated Chapmanville
2019-08-26LoganHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend W
2019-08-28Cabell MidlandAway4:00 P.M.@ Esquire W - 169-171
2019-09-03ShermanHome4:00 P.M.@ CatoL
2019-09-03ChapmanvilleHome4:00 P.M.@ CatoL
2019-09-05PocaAway4:00 P.M.@ Sleepy W
2019-09-09LoganHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend W
2019-09-09George WashingtonHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend L
2019-09-11St AlbansHome4:00 P.M.@ Edgewood CCW
2019-09-11LoganHome4:00 P.M.@ Edgewood CCW
2019-09-17LoganHome4:00 P.M.@ CoonskinCancelled
2019-09-17George WashingtonHome4:00 P.M.@ CoonskinCancelled
2019-09-18Kanawha Co. ChampionshipHome4:00 P.M.@ Big Bend L - 4th place
2019-09-19South CharlestonHome4:00 P.M.@ Edgewood CCCanceled
2019-09-19George WashingtonHome4:00 P.M.@ Edgewood CCCanceled
2019-09-24Herbert HooverHome4:00 P.M.@ Little Creek moved to 9/26/19
2019-09-24CapitalHome4:00 P.M.@ Little Creek Moved to 9/26/19
2019-09-26Cabell MidlandHome4:00 P.M.@ Berry HillsL
Golf - Middle School - Printable view
Date Opponent Where Time NotesResults
2020-03-19Hayes MSHome4:00 P.M.girls match
2020-03-25John AdamsHome4:00 P.M. 
2020-03-31Elkview MSHome4:00 P.M. 
2020-04-07Bible Center MSHome4:00 P.M. 
2020-04-14H. MannHome4:00 P.M. 
2020-04-23Stonewall Jackson MSHome4:00 P.M.girls match
2020-04-27Dupont MSHome4:00 P.M. 
2020-05-04South CharlestonHome4:00 P.M. 
2020-05-07County TournamentHome4:00 P.M.girls match
2020-05-11County TournamentHome4:00 P.M.