Posted December 20, 2012
Commitment to Safety

A message from Mrs. Hoyer:

      As you know, the safety of our school is on my mind and the minds of faculty and staff each of the 180-plus days we are here at school.

     The Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy was horrific. There truly are no words to describe it. We must continue to pray for the victims, the families, and the community that has been forever changed by this event.

     Prayer -- that's one thing we can do. But each of us must act, too. We must each continue to do all we can possibly do to ensure the safety of everyone here at Charleston Catholic.

     First, I want to remind you that safety depends on more than a locked front door.

     Second, I remind you to NEVER open a locked exterior door, even if you know who is knocking, wanting to be let in. We keep our doors locked for a reason. Even if it is me knocking on our gym door or the Commons door, don't respond. Don't let me or anyone else in. Everyone must enter by the front door.

     Third, never prop open a locked exterior door. The reason for this is obvious. And keep in mind that NO ONE has the right to jeopardize the safety and well-being of someone else.

     Fourth, if you notice something questionable, in the building or in the neighborhood, tell me or another adult immediately. Let us sort it out.

     Finally, school safety involves so much more than keeping doors secured and safety measures in place.

     Beyond the physical safety, there is emotional safety.

     Emotional safety is something we each can control.

     Each of us is called to create a safe emotional environment here at school.

     No one has the right to be unkind.

     Our mere presence in this building, as students and adults, means that we value a culture of nonviolence and that each of us accepts the responsibility to contribute positively to one another's emotional well-being.

     As I'm sure you've been told at home, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Let our words and actions speak loudly. Let them send a message. Be positive role models. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

     I urge you to value what we have here. It is a unique place. And I know that each of us wants to do our part to keep it so.