Posted April 16, 2021
Homecoming Dress Guidelines Spring 2021
Homecoming is a time to show your spirit. For this week we have made adjustments to the dress down guidelines. Please follow the guidelines set forth below so that everyone can enjoy the week.

General guidelines for the week:

Monday Theme Day: 12 – Baby Boomers, 11 – Millennials, 10 - Gen X, 9 – Gen Z, 8 – Gen Alpha, 7 – Silent Generation, 6 – GI Generation. See guidelines below.

Tuesday Class Color Day: Either students' tops/shirts or pants/skirts must be primarily and recognizably the class color. Skirts and dresses, if worn, must meet the student's fingertips when the student's arms are extended at her side. Casual slacks or jeans may be worn. Pants must not be torn/cut-off, frayed, ripped, or have holes. Flip-flops or Athletic Slides may not be worn. (12 – Green and White, 11 – Black, 10 – Yellow, 9 – Blue, 8 – Red, 7 – Purple, 6 – Orange)

Wednesday: Career Day – Students will dress as the profession they aspire to hold. See guidelines below.

Thursday: Homecoming T-Shirts from any year are acceptable. Uniform polo shirts or PE shirts are acceptable. Shorts or skirts, if worn, must meet the fingertips of the students when their shoulders are relaxed. Athletic shorts that meet the length guidelines are acceptable. Jeans may be worn. Leggings, lounge, yoga or pajama pants may not be worn. Flip flops and athletic slides may not be worn.

Friday: Spirit Day – Clothing should show school spirit – green and white or any CCHS apparel. See guidelines below.

Guidelines for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Theme Days - Clothing must be of appropriate and modest fit, and no undergarments may be visible. All clothing must have modest coverage – midriffs and torsos should be covered; clothing should not be revealing. Tobacco, alcohol, drug and violent references in both props and clothing are prohibited. Props that are distracting or weapons (even if toys) are prohibited. Flip flops may be worn.

May be Worn
  • Athletic pants and sweat pants may be worn.
  • Sleeveless tops and tank tops with straps at least two inches wide are permitted.
  • Shorts or skirts, if worn, must meet the fingertips of the student when their shoulders are relaxed and extended at his/her side. Athletic shorts that meet the guidelines are acceptable.
  • Shorts or skirts shorter than fingertips of the students when shoulders are relaxed must have leggings or tights under them.
  • Hats may be worn.
  • Face-paint, as long as 50% of the face is visible, is permitted.
May NOT be worn
  • Leggings may not be worn without a skirt or shorts over them.
  • Spaghetti straps may not be worn.
  • Lounge pants, yoga pants, and pajama pants may not be worn.

Teachers have the right to ask a student to remove or put away pieces of a costume that are causing a distraction.
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