Posted May 4, 2021
Green and White Spirit Day - Fri. 5/7
Green and White Spirit Day Dress Guidelines

Tops should be primarily green or white, or an official CCHS top. We will be following the "Casual Dress Days" guidelines in the student handbook. Remember juniors and seniors we will be walking all the way to the Civic Center. Choose shoes appropriately!

Pants must not be torn/cut-off, frayed, ripped, or have holes.

All clothing must have modest coverage – midriffs and torsos should be covered; clothing should not be revealing.

May Be Worn

  • Athletic pants and sweat pants may be worn.
  • Shorts or skirts, if worn, must meet the fingertips of the student when their shoulders are relaxed and extended at his/her side. Athletic shorts that meet the guidelines are acceptable.
  • Hats may be worn.
  • Face-paint, as long as 50% of the face is visible, is permitted.

May Not Be Worn

  • Leggings may not be worn without a skirt or shorts over them.
  • Spaghetti straps may not be worn.
  • Lounge pants, yoga pants, and pajama pants may not be worn.
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