Posted January 25, 2024
HOPE (Housing Outreach Program Express)

HOPE is a community service project sponsored by Charleston Catholic High School.

HOPE has the dual purpose of:
  • improving the quality of housing for low-income families and seniors in rural southern West Virginia; and
  • instilling the habit of service in students, a commitment to living the works of mercy.

Charleston Catholic High School has been involved in home renovation projects for disadvantaged West Virginia families for 33 years. Since 2005, HOPE volunteers have improved the living conditions for 148 low-income families in Clay, Wayne, and Mingo counties. Since 2019, partnering with Cabwaylingo Appalachian Mission in Dunlow, we have assisted in the construction of 4 new homes for families living in substandard housing, and have completed home repairs for other folks in the area.

Below are links to the HOPE 2023 Slideshow, a time-lapse video of a 2023 roof remodel project, and a video of our new house blitz build from 2022. (If your browser doesn't show the three videos, please use the green arrows, displayed below, to scroll.) To help support our efforts, click on the Donate button below.